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VUD OOO acts in the Dnepropetrovsk construction material market from 2003. In that period of activity in area of small piece concrete production, we achieved high output product quality. Product range includes concrete masonry blocks (slag stone and smooth block 140) and partition blocks, rock-face decorative blocks (quarry-face stone) for fence and walls, vibration molded paving slab (brick, old town, and alpine pavestone), kerbstone and paving slab drainages, reinforced concrete decorative fences. Our products are used for construction of walls, partitions, entrance floors, decorative fences, residential, ancillary and industrial buildings, and for pavement of yards, pedestrian paths, industrial sites, parking places and refueling stations. Variety of products shapes and sizes, and broad set of colors allow you to develop building surrounding grounds, streets, public gardens and parks to fit every taste.